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A Bleak Future - Cracker Plant Toxins

April 23, 2023

Do you trust the health of your children to the government or foreign conglomerates? Do you trust that a cracker plant at your back door won't spew toxins and pollutants into the air? Are we a future East Palestine after the Cracker Plant is built?

The people of Shadyside should reflect on the recent events that happened upriver. The hazards from the train derailment in East Palestine could be seen here after the Cracker plant is built. The new plant has been given waivers by the state to pump gobs of pollutants into the air and water. Can you really trust a foreign entity to be honest and forthright in their dealings with the valley? We're not going to be treated any better than East Palestine by our own government or foreign interests in regards to spills and discharges of pollutants. They were looked down on by the government and industry for where they are. Do you think we will be any better treated?

Street view

Remember, this group was given waivers by the state and EPA on discharges into the air and water. Dangerous, hazardous waste is going to be released into the air that your children will breathe. Do you remember the days of the steel mills around here, with orange skies and brown grass? You are inviting those days back with this plant.

Healthwise, the young people left here will be sick and diseased. Just look at New Martinsville with all the sickness related to nearby chemical and cracker plants. Did you know that many 30 year olds down there are on cardiac medications? Can you imagine 30 year olds with cardiac irregularities being this prevalent when you grew up? You're just inviting this catastrophe here with the Cracker Plant.



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